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About us

In 2014, I stood among 30 other camera operators at the famous Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow shooting the World Street Workout Championship. Twenty-nine cameras were pointed at the athlete on stage, but mine was pointed the other direction.

I was capturing the other athletes nervously warming up, the audience raising to their feet during a big move, and the staff of the federation frantically trying to find the musical act for intermission.

I was telling a story. The story was about the culture of this emerging sport and how it was changing the lives of young men and women around the world.

That film, Raise Up: The World is Our Gym, later received global distribution through Red Bull TV and changed how I’d create my work for the rest of my life.

As an independent filmmaker that dealt with a lack of time, budget, crew, and resources on my shoots, I used simple storytelling tactics to make projects stand out among the flashy content that is still so popular on social media.

For more than a decade, I’ve worked with nonprofit organizations and purpose-driven companies to create public service announcements, long form documentaries, and short social media videos of inspirational people making changes to take control of their health and happiness.

I saw that these companies and organizations all faced familiar problems in being overwhelmed, overworked, and understaffed.

There was a big opportunity for me to help.

I’d approached these same obstacles creatively so many times that what I once perceived as flaws have become my strongest abilities.  I’ve spent years making documentary films and have become an expert in crafting poignant pieces with limited resources.

Keep it simple.  Find good characters.  Tell great stories.

With the digital age of content marketing, we are all working to figure out how to best utilize short form video.  It often reminds me of Ernest Hemingway’s “six word story.”

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was at lunch with a group of writers, when he bet them he could tell a story in just six words.   Everyone happily took the bet. Hemingway wrote on a cocktail napkin, “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

He collected his winnings, and the six word story was born.

I took that concept and applied it to video marketing, creating my company, Six Second Stories.

Six Second Stories is a digital media production company that specializes in short form video storytelling demanded by ever decreasing attention spans.

We help you by finding your unique stories, showing you how to use storytelling to reach your audience, and helping you make memorable videos to inspire action. That’s because whether six second bumper ads or Emmy-nominated video campaigns, the story is our top priority.

At the root of any trade or transaction is trust. That trust is gained by a personal connection, and those connections are best established through sharing stories.

You’re the hero in your story. We just want to help tell it.

Rain Bennett

Director of Production